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Waste Audit 
There are substantial labor productivity gains and cost savings that can be derived from conducting a waste audit and the subsequent optimal material handling and equipment recommendations.  By carefully evaluating various details, waste processing routines can be maximized for efficiency both from a labor productivity standpoint and a waste hauling standpoint.  Our experienced recycling specialists are able to quickly and easily identify all key areas where costs can be reduced.  

The first step in the audit process is to look at what materials are currently being disposed of and in what quantities. In developing your program, we concentrate on the high volume materials.  We also take into consideration any high value materials such as aluminum cans.

We then look at the total weight and volume of the materials that are currently being disposed of that could be recycled.    An analysis of the waste streams is made to determine where the waste is being generated and where the material can be reduced, reused or recycled.

Optimal solution recommendation
One of the primary reasons for starting a recycling program is to reduce waste and to reduce collection costs.  Typical audits reveal that cardboard materials and office waste paper can be recycled to often reduce waste and reduce cost associated with picking up a lower volume of waste.  

An optimum solution is recommended based on the audit results which can include a compacting or baling solution; an office recycling program and separate disposition of high value materials.  Using balers or compactors can be instrumental in streamlining waste processing activities and reducing cost.

For example, retailers generate large volumes of cardboard that can quickly fill dumpsters.  If a high volume of cardboard is being generated, it may pay to look at baling the material, which can also help increase the marketability of the cardboard.

Pickup and Purchase Schedule
Slesnick recycling then puts together a collection schedule that provides for the least amount of pickups and the maximum value from each recycle stream.

Track and Audit 
After implementing your recycling program, Slesnick Recycling can conduct an ongoing waste audit to see if your program has significantly reduced the amount of waste generated.  If this is the case, the collection schedule can be modified to further maximize savings.