“Slesnick Recycling is a very important part of our GREEN PROGRAM. Keep up the great work!”

- Steve, Vitamix

While small businesses generate small amounts of materials individually, cumulatively their recyclable generation is both significant and under collected.   Offices with less than 50 employees generate nearly 40% of the supply, but only 30% have on-site recycling programs.


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Retail and Small Business Recycling Services

Slesnick Recycling specializes in helping retailers and small to medium business ‘go green’ by helping to implement programs aimed at significantly reducing waste.   As consumers are becoming more aware of their overall impact on our communities, they are also expecting that businesses and retailers community be committed to the environment.

We provide cost effective recycling solutions for hundreds of businesses across Ohio and West Virginia.   Our waste removal programs are tailored to the specific and unique needs of smaller companies and retailers.  Whether it’s a complete turnkey system or just an office recycling program, all our programs result in reduced waste and cost savings.

Since 75% of a company’s waste can be recycled, a free waste audit can help your business quickly reduce waste, increase sustainability, reduce cost and help achieve corporate responsibility goals.  Waste audits can identify opportunities to reduce waste by 40% on average, depending on waste streams.


Typical Waste Stream Composition