Home Shredding Services Pricing


Paper Shredding
The base price for shredding paper is 12 cents per pound with a $15.00 minimum.

All paper items can be shredded, but contaminants in the paper can cause the  cost of shredding  to increase.  Contaminants can raise the shredding price to as high as 16ยข per pound.    

Contaminants include items such as: Glue Bindings; Three Ring Binders; Plastic; Computer Paper Binders; Carbon Paper; Golden Rod Envelopes; and Accordion Folders.

Items that are NOT considered contaminants include: Paper Clips; Staples; and Two Prong Fasteners.

Non-Paper Shredding 
The cost of shredding non-paper items is 18 cents per pound.
Non-paper items include X-rays; Compact Disks; Video Cassettes; Computer Disks; and Cassette Tapes.   

Pick up service
is available at a charge of $60 per hour, which includes a truck and two men. There is a $60 minimum charge and time is billed in half-hour increments after the first hour.