“Slesnick Recycling is a very important part of our GREEN PROGRAM. Keep up the great work!”

- Steve, Vitamix

Home Shredding Services Pricing


Paper Shredding
The base price for shredding paper is 12 cents per pound with a $15.00 minimum.

All paper items can be shredded, but contaminants in the paper can cause the  cost of shredding  to increase.  Contaminants can raise the shredding price to as high as 16¢ per pound.    

Contaminants include items such as: Glue Bindings; Three Ring Binders; Plastic; Computer Paper Binders; Carbon Paper; Golden Rod Envelopes; and Accordion Folders.

Items that are NOT considered contaminants include: Paper Clips; Staples; and Two Prong Fasteners.

Non-Paper Shredding 
The cost of shredding non-paper items is 18 cents per pound.
Non-paper items include X-rays; Compact Disks; Video Cassettes; Computer Disks; and Cassette Tapes.   

Pick up service
is available at a charge of $60 per hour, which includes a truck and two men. There is a $60 minimum charge and time is billed in half-hour increments after the first hour.